Listen and watch…


… with these pictures that I took in Sweden on a recent trip, I am going for something new. I composed them by their colors and their overall feeling and listened to the latest record by Lymland. So I decided you should do, too. Klick on the link below before taking a look:





„Unser Aasee“…


… is written on a picture hanging in the bakery nearby. That and those two pictures were the first impressions I collected in the new town I am living in. Only later I discovered a pattern.


Another Best Of…


… that I almost forgot to think about. Due to moving to a different city and full life change, it has gotten rather late to share the best pictures that I took of bands/musicians playing live in 2019:


Red Dons in Munich



Of Mountains And Seas in Coburg



Adam Evald in Erlangen





…title. This serves as a dedication to all the great bands I saw and listened to recently. Also to some of the people I went to the shows with. Emma, Björn, Edvard.


Martha in Hamburg. Hafenklang.





YC CY at Fluff-Fest 2019



Chaviré at Fluff Fest 2019.




Licht des Nordens…


…from a trip to Hamburg:


a visit at the listening station at Balduintreppe–a project against institutional racism.




Petrol Girls playing at Molotow.




Licht des Nordens.



Die sogenannte Sächsische Schweiz…


»Man versehe sich zu dieser Reise mit einem guten Fernrohr, einem festen mit einem Stachel versehenen Stock, einem festen bequem fortzubringenden Trinkgeschirr, Limonade, einem Messer, einem kleinen eisernen Instrument, Pinsel und trockene Farbe, um seinen Namen einzuzeichnen … Man reise in Stiefeln mit Absätzen. – Modesohlen ohne Absätze können auf glatten anhängigen Wegen gefährlich werden …« (Wilhelm Lebrecht Götzinger. Verhaltens-Regeln für diejenigen, welche die Sächsische Schweiz bereisen, 1804)