Since we are pigeons…


…the title is (again) stolen from a band called Solander since it`s the title of their first album that I am still in love with. Aside from that not to much is happening for obvious reasons. At least I was gifted with time to watch and meet some of my new neighbors:







Listen and watch…


… with these pictures that I took in Sweden on a recent trip, I am going for something new. I composed them by their colors and their overall feeling and listened to the latest record by Lymland. So I decided you should do, too. Klick on the link below before taking a look:





„Unser Aasee“…


… is written on a picture hanging in the bakery nearby. That and those two pictures were the first impressions I collected in the new town I am living in. Only later I discovered a pattern.


Another Best Of…


… that I almost forgot to think about. Due to moving to a different city and full life change, it has gotten rather late to share the best pictures that I took of bands/musicians playing live in 2019:


Red Dons in Munich.



Of Mountains And Seas in Coburg.



Adam Evald in Erlangen.





…title. This serves as a dedication to all the great bands I saw and listened to recently. Also to some of the people I went to the shows with. Emma, Björn, Edvard.


Martha in Hamburg. Hafenklang.





YC CY at Fluff-Fest 2019.



Chaviré at Fluff Fest 2019.




Licht des Nordens…


…from a trip to Hamburg:


a visit at the listening station at Balduintreppe–a project against institutional racism.




Petrol Girls playing at Molotow.




Licht des Nordens.