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…this place that I am spending a lot of time at since I`ve moved. This is about some of the people I meet there being active in a lot of different ways: setting up shows, cooking, reading books about anarchism, talking, repairing things or cutting the lawn and simply behaving stupid. All in this none profit DIY-sense that I find myself in love with so much. Anyways, some of them were friendly enough to let me take pictures of them.

More to come…



PuffPiecesPuff Pieces / a Band from Washington DC


DagsDags! / a Band from Milano, Italy


Negative Thoughts…

Actually I have been thinking about this for a long time but I always felt that this blog is more about my photography/work and less about my thoughts (on it). Now it`s going to be different though.

In fact, I would want everyone, especially people related to music, to read this. Because it is about them, too. Ever since I started doing photography I was always connected to a certain scene of music and people playing in bands, setting up shows and what not. You could even say that without looking at certain pictures of bands and musicians on records or in magazines or whatever my interest in photography would have never developed  into what it is today. You can see on this page and on this blog that taking pictures of bands/musicians is still a big part of my photographical work and I guess it will always be. But lately a feeling of frustration and anger started growing when I thought about this connection. I took pictures of artists for years and some of the pictures appeared in other contexts such as websites or magazines. Moreover, my pictures were used by bands – for promotion or on their records -, sometimes I worked with the musicians and got paid for a picture or two but this happended very rarely. Most of the time my pictures weren`t of interest at all for anyone but me… Even if it sometimes happened that those being photographed were happy about some sort of promotion or were thankful for the pictures, what annoys me is that most of the time noone seems to care about it at all.

I am trying to see this more from the point of being a fan of music and being appreciative of it… but realizing that people are not as supportive, thankful, or interested in music photography as they are in music itself saddens me more and more and it raises questions like: Does the music scene not realize how big of a part even the visualization of this artform is? That photorgraphy works as documenting everything besides audio? Isn`t that worth something? Could everyone involved in music pay a little more attention, please?



I have given up hoping for bands to contact me about being photographed… now I simply wait until the bands show up at my doorstep and then take a picture. See the talented and friendly people of UKs Haters here:


Old pictures…

…new ideas. Combining what Elisée Reclus (geographer, writer, and anarchist) once wrote in Histoire d´une montagne (released 1880) with photographs I took.

larch.valley2„Dort musste ich das Gefühl von Stolz nicht unterdrücken, das mich auf dem Scheitelpunkt des Berges unwillkürlich überkommen hätte, sondern gönnte meinen Augen das Vergnügen, sich sattzusehen am Anblick des Schönen, das Schnee und Felsen, Wälder und Weiden mir boten.“


schweden2014.3„Wie halb verborgene Nester im Gezweig erblicke ich einzelne Hütten, Weiler, verstreute Dörfer in den Tälern und an den grünen Berghängen.“