…is my favorite new activity. As it turns out… many of them showed up in front of the living-room window. Someone else showed up too, so it became inevitable to take a photo. Stay tuned!






Not the outdoor type…

…when it comes to actionsports and photography. I am simply too slow and uninterested, usually. By accident I recently discovered that I indeed did a series of two photographs featuring outdoor activities that I like:





To Falun…

…the trail led next. Nils Holgersson helped Bataki, the raven, to escape from a barn at the huge mining pit.       In fact, I strongly recommend going there to see those old mining facilities.







Vom Glück, in Bayern zu leben…

This blog is about my photography and thoughts. And the connection between them, of course. With this (very) little visual adventure I took while the demonstration against G7 was happening, the connection became even clearer to me. On the one hand I had this desire of voicing my opinion and to take the chance to do so… on the other I was full of questions and doubts about me being there and if it makes any difference. Answers are as following. Photography, again, helped me like so many times before to focus on what I see and witness. Even to understand a bit more. And since the whole thing can not be considered a very big success regarding numbers and outcomes. Anyhow, it felt great for me to be there and participate… I didn`t bow down. Sometimes it is great to absolutely get payed for nothing because I can take pictures of whatever I want!


G7.3Photographing other people`s art… in this case it made so much sense to me. Those clowns made fun out of the massive police-presence and almost everyone around including me!


G7.2It was not only about young people with colored hair or Marxists…


G7.4…but sometimes it really looked like not to much is happening.



Faded memories…

After watching a documentary about a part of africa… it struck me how blurry and faded my own memories about a journey through Guinea have become… and while I hope the rest of it remains… pictures might help:

guinea_6…Outskirts of Conakry/Guinea 2004