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No Fluff Fest as well…


…because it got cancelled for obvious reasons. So I took some time to go through pictures from 20 years of Fluff Fest, kind of a Best Of (note that I only photographed Bands that I really like(d)):


The Robocop Kraus. 2002.






Ampere. 2010.



Sport. 2014.






Erica Freas. 2016.



Burn. 2017.



Spirits. 2018.




Fluff Fest 2016 (…and beyond)

First… RVIVR. People talked to me about the band before… already comparing them to those bands coming over from the US on a regular basis to tour and probably live from playing music while becoming too routined. But what happened at Fluff Fest on stage was far from that. In fact, it was the best solution to that problem I have and had when going to the Festival the years before: So many people – and not just likeminded! – with so many tattoos and t-shirts with slogans transforming what people call Punk or Hardcore into a fashion-show. Now, for the people reading this and having no idea of what I am writing about… RVIVR are – and were on this evening – just a great and energetic band that still has something to say on stage and continues to do so (queerness, feminism, changing for the better… you name it)! More then music? Stay tuned for more photographs and (maybe) thoughts, too.







What… can I say…

…about those two days in April 2016. I got to see Dag Nasty (a Hardcore band from Washington d.c.) play in their original line up. And while I was always sceptical about those original versions of some of my most beloved songs ever… it turned out to be a great show. And that also goes for the concert happening on the next evening. Kristoffer Bolander was back and so the reason for posting those pictures here together is… I was happy to have a camera to document some of that magic.

DagNasty2Under your influence…


DagNasty9Staring at the rude boys…


kristoffer1I regret nothing…