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This years best of…


…means these are the top three of pictures I took of live-performances due to my own taste.

GWAFOM1Godzilla Was A Friend Of Mine in Nürnberg


Wettherope1Wet The Rope in Erlangen


saroonSaroon in Erlangen



Living at this (not that) new place…

after a while… some things finally turn out to be nice over here. So it is time to document those, too.

KristofferBolanderIt`s great to have visitors… especially when they are from Sweden. Kristoffer Bollander and his bandmates.


Erlangen6Expedition through Wiesengrund…


…going to shows and taking photographs is still one of my most beloved activities. Here is a small selection of this year`s favourite concerts and photographs:

Tomorrow,St.PeterTomorrow, St. Peter in Würzburg


Cranial2Cranial in Erlangen


Scraps2Scraps Of Tape in Erlangen


BTMOtour14Bring The Mourning On in Apeldoorn