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My exhibition…

… was probably the photographic project I put the most thoughts into this year. This resulted in questions that I used as a describtion/topic for the exhibition. Can I reach an audience outside of the internet, are people still interested in seeing photographs or in talks with the photographer? Not to many in my experience. While I was lucky with the opening there were days when no one showed up (thank you to those that did!). I understand it has to do with were and how to present things. In my 21st year of doing photography I am able (sometimes) to cope with it and learned to not expect to much. Still I find myself wishing for a little more attention. So was it a success? I am writing yes and no. And I wonder what to do next…




The Tidal Sleep, playing at the Finissage



There still is…

…this place that I am spending a lot of time at where I meet people being active in a lot of different ways – this time only musicians.

More to come…


Phil of the band Tender Defender



Shawn William Clarke and Abigail Lapell



Marcus of the band Scraps Of Tape



The will to burn…

…is the new album by Scraps Of Tape (Swedish band with a lot of guitars, friends) and its release was celebrated in Malmö*.

*Bells Fell Silent also played












…going to shows and taking photographs is still one of my most beloved activities. Here is a small selection of this year`s favourite concerts and photographs:

Tomorrow,St.PeterTomorrow, St. Peter in Würzburg


Cranial2Cranial in Erlangen


Scraps2Scraps Of Tape in Erlangen


BTMOtour14Bring The Mourning On in Apeldoorn