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Listen and watch…


… with these pictures that I took in Sweden on a recent trip, I am going for something new. I composed them by their colors and their overall feeling and listened to the latest record by Lymland. So I decided you should do, too. Klick on the link below before taking a look:





Another Best Of…


… that I almost forgot to think about. Due to moving to a different city and full life change, it has gotten rather late to share the best pictures that I took of bands/musicians playing live in 2019:


Red Dons in Munich.



Of Mountains And Seas in Coburg.



Adam Evald in Erlangen.



Passing Mt. Satu…


…while the record of the same name is playing in the other room I have a hard time separating good from bad memories and can`t help but think about how everything felt at that time. Seven years ago. Doing photography or whatever for a living really felt like a possibility. Everything was indeed perfect on that little tour I did with Solander and I had no idea what was about to happen. Possibilities… thank you Solander.



The will to burn…

…is the new album by Scraps Of Tape (Swedish band with a lot of guitars, friends) and its release was celebrated in Malmö*.

*Bells Fell Silent also played











I dream of…*


…cities. Empty cities.




Where I`ll lay down alone.




I dream of cities. Endless cities.




Where I will die alone.




And someone speaks there of all that I`ve known.




And the stone streets there. That I come from…



*The words are used with the kind permission of Kristoffer Bolander, lent from his song „cities“

Old pictures…

…new ideas. Combining what Elisée Reclus (geographer, writer, and anarchist) once wrote in Histoire d´une montagne (released 1880) with photographs I took.

larch.valley2„Dort musste ich das Gefühl von Stolz nicht unterdrücken, das mich auf dem Scheitelpunkt des Berges unwillkürlich überkommen hätte, sondern gönnte meinen Augen das Vergnügen, sich sattzusehen am Anblick des Schönen, das Schnee und Felsen, Wälder und Weiden mir boten.“


schweden2014.3„Wie halb verborgene Nester im Gezweig erblicke ich einzelne Hütten, Weiler, verstreute Dörfer in den Tälern und an den grünen Berghängen.“


What… can I say…

…about those two days in April 2016. I got to see Dag Nasty (a Hardcore band from Washington d.c.) play in their original line up. And while I was always sceptical about those original versions of some of my most beloved songs ever… it turned out to be a great show. And that also goes for the concert happening on the next evening. Kristoffer Bolander was back and so the reason for posting those pictures here together is… I was happy to have a camera to document some of that magic.

DagNasty2Under your influence…


DagNasty9Staring at the rude boys…


kristoffer1I regret nothing…




…going to shows and taking photographs is still one of my most beloved activities. Here is a small selection of this year`s favourite concerts and photographs:

Tomorrow,St.PeterTomorrow, St. Peter in Würzburg


Cranial2Cranial in Erlangen


Scraps2Scraps Of Tape in Erlangen


BTMOtour14Bring The Mourning On in Apeldoorn


Not the outdoor type…

…when it comes to actionsports and photography. I am simply too slow and uninterested, usually. By accident I recently discovered that I indeed did a series of two photographs featuring outdoor activities that I like:





To Falun…

…the trail led next. Nils Holgersson helped Bataki, the raven, to escape from a barn at the huge mining pit.       In fact, I strongly recommend going there to see those old mining facilities.







In memory…


There are a couple of things to tell about this picture being printed in Halation-Magazine. It is said about the motivation behind making this magazine that it comes mostly from the joy that photographers feel, getting pictures printed, released, shown… and yes, I can more than relate to that. And as I was thinking about what to hand in it stroke me that among last year´s pictures there were quite some I would like to show. However, there are just a few that I feel the need to say something about or that I find important.

While being in Gustavsberg near Stockholm on January the 4th in 2013, I already knew about my friend Stefans suicide. I took this photo there, on that day and it is released in loving memory…

The title for it comes from a piece of music by the Swedish band Hunt: I left.