The riddle about being trapped in Iceland was partly solved by checking various social media, where we found out that somebody (unknown to this day) did write a bomb threat with lipstick (?) on the bathroom mirror!

Pacific Science Center?


Right. Seattle. Honestly after our plane adventure, I couldn’t process fast enough what this city was about. We were hit by the uncommon heat, that happened time and time again. We couldn’t figure out the hugeness of a city, that happened time and time again. And then there was the sheer amount of homelessness we started to witness and that kept accompanying us all the way to San Francisco. In Seattle, however, it’s not a part of the photographs, yet. I guess you could say I did pretty touristy pictures.

ALexander Calder’s Eagle


I want to write about what I liked the most in Seattle: The Olympic Sculpture Park of SAM (Seattle Art Museum)!
 A walk through this park got me thinking about art and what connection, if any, people have to it on a daily basis. If you spend time there, which a lot of people seem to do, you are almost forced to react to the sculptures placed prominently around you and for everyone to access. You don’t have to pay to get in the park. I found it refreshing to witness all these different pieces of art and how people reacted to them, me included. Art should be for everyone to enjoy, witness, think about (or not – you can always ignore the art and enjoy the view, too). I believe most art can only benefit from being placed and displayed in the public sphere.