These days, there are not many »photography jobs« that keep me busy. So, they are mainly about walking around with open eyes until something catches my attention. And that’s what happened here. I wrote about the meaning of art in public spaces on other ocassions, and this thing brought it to a different level: At first glance, Münster Skateboard seems to be just a bunch of youngsters trying to achieve their goals when it comes to Skateboarding. But they came up with the plan to build a concrete sculpture on former rails in the harbor. It is not only a piece of art in a public space but it’s also built to use it! For Skateboarding. After sometimes succeeding building skateparks (legally), but often failing to sustain the infrastructures, Münster Skateboadring brought this project to live and got it greenlit from the city. During ten days, I think, they started building this with some professional help and all the help they could get – everybody was able participate! It was very cool to visit the spot for a couple of days and see it develop and now flourish.