The forest moon of Endor


The story continues with what might sound a little repetitive because of the trouble with camping. But can I really leave out that I threw over 100 Dollars out the window? Before that happened, we reached California, the Redwoods, and a foreign planet called Endor to some people (including me). And that’s also a good time to write a sort of thanks list featuring the friendly ranger that helped to find that particular place in the Redwoods where movie history was made. Then there were the two women in Crescent City’s Redwood Park center who helped us to get a spot for the tent, and there were also Lindsay, Scott, Miles, Stella, Oliver, Isla, and Ruby, who hosted us and gave us a place to rest in Sacramento and Brian who helped us make a booking via phone and not to forget Eldred, the hitchhiker!
Speaking of money lost at the beginning: I thought it was smart to ask for help and book a campground via phone to find a possible tent site after our stay in Sacramento that followed our space adventure in the woods. But after finding out that it won’t work with our schedule, I called again to cancel the reservation, which wasn’t possible anymore. »By calling us, you agreed to our conditions«, and more than 100 Dollars were gone…


The sky over California



Urban gardening(?) in Sacramento