Berkeley and Oakland, the Bay Area? I always wanted to go there, at least since I know about Punk and Hardcore and DIY venues. But there is much more to see, like the historical (?) site of UC Berkeley. There have been quite some things going on in the 60s on that campus, but could I feel something special being there? When visiting BAMPFA, UC Berkeley, it was definitely the case! You should google that now. And the same goes for our walk in the streets of Oakland were The Black Panthers were founded. Google? Besides, we were attending a show at 924 Gilman Street, a venue, punk run space that you don’t have to google. These things you do and the places you visit – that you always wanted to see – have to live up to high expectations, certainly. And in this case it’s also clear that they didn’t fulfill all my expectations. Still, it was great to be there and see some bands!


The streets of central Oakland



924 Gilman Street, Berkeley



Freewill at Gilman Street